This is Epirus

Our work and culture rests on four pillars:  Accountability, Respect, Commitment, Speed with Discipline

Epirus advances the frontiers of technology to meet the asymmetric challenges of the future.

Our Work

We are the "Neo Prime" for today's asymmetric warfare. That means we innovate, build and deliver ahead of the need - remaining one step ahead of the competition.

Our flagship product, Leonidas, is the most sophisticated high-power microwave system for the counter UAS mission, and was delivered to the U.S. Army in record time.

Working with Epirus means innovating with impact.

Our Cultural Pillars

Just as our platforms are built on a few foundational technologies, our culture is built on the following pillars. Practicing each one to the fullest is a continuous challenge - and inspiration.

Develop a Plan. Execute with Conviction. Above All, Take Ownership.

Treat Others With Respect. Assume Positive Intent. Talk It Out.

Give 100%, Act Proactively And With Urgency, Irrespective Of Outcome.

Move At The Speed Of Disruption With Focus

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