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Leonidas Product Brief

The next war is here. A new era of conflict has seen adversaries exploiting vulnerabilities using asymmetric tactics. As these tactics evolve, our future depends on building solutions that are better, faster, and more affordable.

Our Mission

​We are dedicated to overcoming the asymmetric challenges inherent to the future of national security.


Epirus combines the latest in solid-state, long-pulse HPM, AI, and advanced electronics to protect and sustain civilization.

Layered Short-Range Air Defense

Our software-defined, long-pulse HPM systems, either fixed or semi-fixed, can integrate with other sensors and weapons platforms to provide layered short-range air defense for counter-drone and drone swarm protection.

Maneuver Short-Range Defense

The scalable nature of our software-defined, long-pulse HPM systems allow for electronic warfare capabilities on the go - whether placed on unmanned surface vessels for vessel stoppage, or hitched to vehicles for convoy security against drone swarms.

Long-Range HPM Air Defense

Epirus provides testing and validation for range, capability, and limitations of electronic effects on long-range targets, and develops long-pulse HPM capabilities to defend high-value assets.

Compact Electronic Warfare

Epirus Pod can embed within any platform, or even be carried by hand, to provide compact long-pulse HPM effects - for use cases ranging from de-mining to special operations.

Air Domain Awareness

Regain dominance over your air domain picture using Epirus’ always-on perception capabilities. Continuously monitor, track, identify, and recommend actions to mitigate the threat of UAS incursions over vast areas - powered by big data and machine learning.

Advanced Electronics

Our disruptive approach to advanced electronics combines hardware, software, and AI capabilities to meet the high-power performance needs of the most innovative use cases and the most demanding industries.

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