Epirus Selected For Contract To Develop Counter Convoy Capability For Department Of Defense

Press Release
JUN 30 2020


Counter Convoy.jpg

Los Angeles, June 30th, Epirus Inc. was selected to develop a directed energy prototype for the US Navy. The system will support efforts to deploy non-kinetic capabilities for stopping nefarious vehicles or vessels. This increases stand-off ranges for US service members performing security missions, and minimizes collateral damage caused by other methods such as lasers or small arms.

“This win helps validate Epirus’ approach and advances directed energy technology into the digital age. Challenging the status quo of directed energy has been an uphill battle, but I’m glad to see the work of our engineering teams pay off by providing new data and demonstrated capability,” said Bo Marr, Chief Technology Officer at Epirus.

“Whether it’s checkpoint activities or performing a vehicle interdiction, things can get real dangerous real quick in close quarters with potentially hostile motorists. Increasing stand-off ranges is always a plus for operators on the ground,” commented Aaron Barruga, Epirus team member and Special Forces combat veteran.

Epirus’ approach to electromagnetic pulse utilizes commercial semiconductor technology to deliver unprecedented reduction in size and weight. Their flagship product—Leonidas—delivers a counter drone capability and is also in development for the Department of Defense.


Epirus combines the best aerospace, entrepreneurial, and warfighter talent to deliver artificial intelligence systems and directed energy weapons that enable unprecedented offensive and defensive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) capabilities. Epirus’ flagship product—Leonidas—provides a tactical form factor C-UAS weapon capable of swarm defeat with increased standoff distances, speed of light engagements, and the absence of issues with magazine depth and capacity.

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