Addressing Tomorrow’s Threat Landscape

Protecting Our Assets

We live in a world that is increasingly influenced by electronic systems and connected devices. With the promise of these advancements comes the realization that the same technology can be used nefariously.

Any strategic security initiative must now consider the potential impact of remotely-controlled electronic devices and the overt weaponization of hobby-class robots– by land, sea and air.

Security leaders in organizations as diverse as manufacturing plants, hospitals, chemical facilities, water utilities, energy producers, sports stadiums, dam projects, nuclear plants, airports, entertainment venues, ports, government agencies, intermodal shipping companies, VIP protection agencies, military bases and other critical infrastructure providers are being tasked with defending against these new threats, both physical and cyber. To tackle these emerging electronic threats, a solutions ecosystem will be required.

The Next Wave In Security

Computers, cameras, sensors, wireless transmitters, cars, trucks, microphones, boats, drones (and even smartphones) can be used to penetrate secure areas, collect sensitive information, detonate explosives or otherwise wreak havoc.

The emerging discipline of counter electronics aims to defeat electronic threats in a very precise manner, whether that includes a repetitive reset effect that keeps each unit in perpetual startup mode or the complete incapacitation of the device – without disruptions to adjacent electrical systems. Threats will need to be disabled, disarmed or destroyed in real time. Without injuries or casualties.

Human Safe Solutions

With backgrounds in defense, technology, academia, and scientific communities, Epirus researchers have had first-hand exposure to the encroaching dangers of rogue electrical devices and practical experience with the most effective means to defeat them.

We understand the physics of high-power microwave and directed energy, the human safety imperative for market expansion and the environmental considerations that any new applications will require. We’re busy pushing beyond yesterday’s roadblocks and technical limitations.

We’re defining the new era of counter electronics as you read this. We are actively working with government agencies to define the future use cases and regulatory approvals for utilizing directed energy in commercial settings.

Defense to Infrastructure

Our early success with software-defined directed energy (DE) and high-power microwave (HPM) approaches to counter-UAS has resulted in a first-of-its-kind system designed to defeat drone swarms and other electronic threats. We invented a hardware, software and services platform that allows us to pull decades-old HPM design schemes into the digital age. Our Leonidas systems discharge precise pulses of energy to reset electronics – at great distances and with unprecedented power efficiencies. Leonidas is capable of wide area effects and precision fires, through software programmability and AI-enabled targeting, all the while operating in a human-safe protocol that does not endanger operators or disable friendly assets.

While our current directed energy system is rooted in defense, we’re also working with like-minded partners from a variety of related industry segments and universities to further the understanding of counter electronics and identify future use cases.

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