Epirus, Inc. Awarded U.S. Air Force SBIR Contract to Support Development of Counter-Electronics Directed Energy Systems

Press Release
DEC 1 2020

Los Angeles, December 1, 2020 – Epirus, Inc. was  selected for a U.S. Air Force Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 1 Contract to support the development of Leonidas, the world’s first solid-state, non-kinetic high-powered microwave (HPM) weapon system for counter-electronics effects capable of disabling a multitude of threats across a wide area.

Threats to critical infrastructure, nuclear sites, airports, stadiums, and mass gatherings are becoming less expensive and more widely distributed. Kinetic solutions to these threats often present unacceptable collateral damage risks while non-kinetic solutions traditionally fail to keep up with the size, speed, and number of diverse, low-end threats. By using non-kinetic HPM and selective beam steering technology, Leonidas mitigates the collateral damage problems of kinetic solutions without sacrificing effectiveness.

Epirus’ approach to HPM shifts the paradigm for directed energy, delivering unprecedented counter-electronics capabilities that  would have traditionally occupied entire rooms’ worth of space in a flexible, mobile package. Whether the playing field or the battlefield, airports or agriculture, Epirus’ proprietary technology is driving forward innovation for the defense and commercial sectors.

“This SBIR contract is an important win for Epirus as we prepare to unveil our Leonidas systems next year. As we continue to push the needle forward and disrupt the status quo of directed energy, we look forward to working with the Air Force to develop our next-generation HPM weapon systems.”  said Dr. Bo Marr, Epirus Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder.” “I could not be more proud of our relentlessly dedicated engineering team who continue to accelerate change and redefine what’s possible.”  

“Autonomous systems pose a clear and present threat to the 21st century warfighter and critical infrastructure throughout the world. Epirus’ first-of-its-kind technology will ensure our defense clients achieve mission success and help the commercial sector protect their critical systems from drones and other asymmetric threats,” added Leigh Madden, Epirus Chief Executive Officer.


Epirus designs and builds cutting-edge, high-powered microwave products and solutions that transform industries. With our foothold in the defense industry, we’ve invented directed energy systems that surpass current capabilities. With this innovation, we are redefining modern day power systems to increase the velocity of change for our customers. Epirus is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with a satellite office in Tysons, VA.

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