Advancing RF Design and Performance

RF Impact

From the global expanse of the Internet to GPS and gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors, many of the underlying technology breakthroughs that fuel today’s pervasive wireless communications networks trace their roots to defense agency R&D programs. As 5G network upgrades begin to roll out around the world, the impact of these predecessor innovations is considerable. And more breakthroughs are on the way.

Innovation at Epirus

Epirus has been at the forefront of RF innovation since the day the company was founded. Our leadership team has created a unique research environment where digital-first, AI-informed development approaches foster unprecedented achievements in wireless design. Our partners are often amazed by what we have accomplished in such a short time. Epirus milestones include the invention (and production) of directed energy systems with software-defined architectures and AI-enabled power management schemes which enable forcefield-like capabilities with enhanced range.

Bridging Defense and Communication

We’ve assembled a talented group of innovators who are eager to disrupt the wireless communications sector with new perspectives on RF amplifier design. Our R&D team is now investigating adjacent opportunities for intelligent power management to drive new capabilities for smart transmit/receive devices, tactical radios, wireless infrastructure, advanced phased arrays and compact expeditionary power systems.

Breaking Boundaries

A purposeful byproduct of creating the leading-edge Leonidas counter electronics system is the maturing of our intelligent power efficiency approach. It has been central to our team’s ability to fuse solid state amplifier design with a comprehensive power management architecture.

Epirus researchers were able to selectively build upon the RF advancements of the past without being restricted to legacy analog models that predate AI and machine learning.

Outcome: Epirus built one of the most powerful phased arrays ever conceived in less than two years.

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