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Across government, industry, and academia, intractable problems attract fearless innovators.

Who We Partner With


Epirus offers a range of contracting methods, from as-a-service models to rapid contracting solutions, to go from concept to delivery for our Department of Defense partners in record time.


We've joined forces with pioneering organizations spanning government, industry, and academia, united in our endeavor to develop disruptive solutions for the asymmetric challenges shaping the future of national security.

Research & Academia

We’ve partnered with premiere R&D organizations including DARPA and Office of Naval Research, and universities such as the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of Oklahoma (OU).


We partner with industry-leading commercial companies looking for efficiencies using novel power management techniques and software-defined systems.

Success Stories

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Join the growing number of government, commercial, and advanced R&D organizations who have chosen Epirus for their most critical missions.