Air domain awareness

Regain Air Domain Dominance

Conventional air domain awareness solutions fall short against the overwhelming and elusive nature of today’s UAS threats. Modern challenges call for modern solutions.


Persistent Perception

Achieve always-on UAS and UAS swarm perception from operationally-relevant distances.

Rapid Response

Use big data and machine learning to monitor for threats and recommend appropriate action before UAS can endanger infrastructure, assets or personnel.

Open System Architecture

Integrate with existing systems, sensors and effectors to fill the gap drones create within conventional systems.


Epirus Air Domain Awareness combines each essential function of counter-UAS (counter-drone) perception, delivered continuously and concurrently.

Achieve Air Domain Awareness

Our perception system thrives where conventional air domain awareness systems fall short. We use big data and machine learning, designed to simultaneously detect, identify, track, and analyze UAS and UAS swarms, predicting their movements, and recommending the countermeasures needed to keep your assets safe.

Safeguard Critical Infrastructure, Assets, and Personnel

Protect airports, water systems, communications towers, power plants, pipelines, borders and other critical infrastructure from UAS incursions.

Overcome Traditional Limitations

Capable of detecting drones as small as UAS Group 1, whether it's a single UAS or a swarm of 100 or more.

Superior Hardware & Advanced Software

Specialized electro-optical, infrared, RF and other sensors - paired with big data and machine learning - enable comprehensive UAS detection, identification over vast areas and for end-to-end cUAS capabilities.

Modern Solution for a Modern Threat

Similar to self-driving cars, we use big data and advanced machine learning algorithms to ensure precise and efficient threat detection and mitigation recommendations.

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