Epirus is Expanding: High-Tech Company Opens New Corporate Headquarters in Torrance, California

Press Release
NOV 11 2021

LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 11, 2021 – Epirus, Inc., a high-growth technology company developing directed energy systems and power management solutions for a range of use cases and mission needs, announced today the opening of a new 100,000+ square foot Corporate Headquarters in Torrance, California. The company hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony with U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Torrance Mayor Patrick Furey and other local elected officials to mark the opening of the new facility.  

Epirus was founded in July of 2018 with a mission of creating innovative power solutions to solve some of the world’s most complex problems. Among the first challenges the company set out to solve is equipping U.S. warfighters with cutting-edge technologies to address the rapidly proliferating threat posed by aggressor Unmanned Aerial Systems, or drones. In just three short years, the company has brought that founding vision to fruition and transformed an idea between co-founders to a team of nearly 200 that has developed one of the most powerful phased arrays in the world.  

Epirus’ expansion comes during a year of remarkable growth for the company. In the past year alone – during the heat of a global pandemic – Epirus has grown its workforce by 200% and continues to attract top talent from the high-tech and aerospace and defense communities. The Torrance facility will house roughly 150 members of the Epirus team spanning multiple Engineering disciplines and Business Development units and will serve as the company’s primary Research and Development facility. The company is also expanding its presence in the Greater Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. regions with satellite offices in Hawthorne, California and McLean, Virginia.

“The opening of our new headquarters in Torrance marks another exciting milestone for Epirus. I could not be prouder of our rapid pace of growth and the strides we continue to make as a company. Torrance and the South Bay area are home to some of the most well-renowned and innovative global companies. We look forward to contributing to Torrance’s burgeoning business climate as we continue to scale and execute on our mission,” said Ken Bedingfield, Epirus Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.  

Los Angeles County has solidified its reputation as a national hub for fast-growth, innovation-minded aerospace and defense companies. The region’s bustling industrial base has spurred technological advancements and lasting innovation for over half a century. Epirus’ expansion in Torrance is a natural extension to support the increased demand for the company’s services and technology product portfolio. As Epirus continues on its trajectory of rapid growth, the company will further fuel local economic development in the City of Torrance and surrounding region.  

“It is my pleasure to welcome Epirus to the Torrance family. Our city is well positioned to support the growth of agile, disruptive companies like Epirus and I am delighted to have them join our vibrant business community,” added Patrick Furey, Mayor, City of Torrance. “Torrance continues to attract and retain a next-generation workforce to tackle hard problems and Epirus is yet another example of this.“


Epirus is a high-growth technology company that develops solid-state, human-safe directed energy systems that enable unprecedented counter-electronics effects and power management solutions to enhance power efficiency in defense and commercial electronics. With a constant emphasis on innovation, we are redefining modern power systems to increase the velocity of change for our customers and bring tomorrow's capabilities to life, today.

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