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Power and Energy

There is an undeniable interest in renewable energy, conservation and decarbonization around the globe, matched only by the increasing volume of calls to electrify everything. But the most impactful contribution that we can make may be to optimize the energy that is produced today. And the world is far from there.

So much of the energy that is produced is wasted, misdirected or simply vanishes in the form of heat generated by outdated systems that were not designed to address the requirements of the modern world. Powering tomorrow’s smart cities, smartgrids, hyperscale data centers, EV charging infrastructures, or distributed energy resources with yesterday’s technology isn’t sustainable or practical. The world needs more efficient approaches to meet the demanding requirements of the digital age.

Fountain of Innovation

Epirus technologists spent nearly 4 years developing the digital power management techniques that are integral to the revolutionary performance of our high-power microwave systems.

We solved many of the power density challenges that have vexed directed energy researchers over the years. Our team imagined, architected and applied an entirely new design approach to deliver a software-defined counter-electronics system, Leonidas®, featuring groundbreaking solid-state RF amplifiers and one of the most powerful phased array antennas ever conceived.

Streamlined Production

We design and build next generation power management solutions, all the while straddling the digital worlds of defense and commercial electronics.

Our design approach puts us in the new school of technology companies that build bleeding-edge defense sector solutions with an agile, startup mindset. We innovate with precision and we learn fast.

As we expand, we expect that we can cross over with technology advancements that add value well beyond the primary market. Our researchers are investigating applications in the greater energy sector which are undergoing digital transformations to accommodate distributed, data-driven use cases, ultra high-power requirements or sea change migrations to add new services to overburdened infrastructures.

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