Advanced electronics

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From Leonidas to our work with DARPA, advanced electronics is at the core of everything we do.

Core Technologies

Power Management

Intelligent power management allows power hungry systems to do more with less, using a mastery of mature techniques: envelope tracking, advanced digital pre-distortion and gate modulation in state-of-the-art Si and GaN solid-state solutions informed by our proprietary digital twin technology.

AI & Machine Learning

Our AI/ML approach enhances efficiency and precision throughout our product suite. In our HPM systems, we use neural net models to quickly and accurately analyze intricate patterns and rapidly optimize system performance.

Software-Defined Systems

Stop waiting for lengthy, costly hardware updates to deliver improvements. Use software to optimize effectiveness in real time, from the battlefield to the lab.


Epirus harnesses best-in-class talent and technology in AI, advanced electronics, and hardware to tackle the toughest defense and commercial challenges.

High-Efficiency Power

Demand for specialized power management will only grow. Epirus uses dynamic gate control techniques, including digital predistortion and envelope tracking, to maximize capacity and efficiency across a broad range of applications.

Accelerated Innovation

Our foundational technologies and expertise create a platform to rapidly develop novel capabilities in electronic warfare, directed energy, and beyond.

Scalable Performance

Software-defined systems enable solutions that are both reliable and revolutionary, delivering maximum performance at scale. Our approach prioritizes flexibility and control, while using power and hardware systems to their fullest capacity.

Electronic Warfare

Our EW expertise spans solution areas from spectrum management and hardening, to electromagnetic compatibility, to electronic masking, probing, reconnaissance and intelligence.

Directed Energy

We have the best talent in the industry fully dedicated to maximizing the range, lethality, and reliability of our Leonidas systems against next-generation threats.

Tactical Communications

Our unique power supply and power management approach brings peak efficiency to radio frequency (RF) amplifiers, optimizing voltage in real time using a range of AI-enabled techniques.

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