DARPA Awards Epirus Contract as Part of Massive Cross-Correlation (MAX) Program

Press Release
MAY 8 2023

Company awarded multi-million-dollar contract in partnership with UCLA to develop highly scalable analog circuit techniques to increase power efficiency


  • Epirus awarded third DARPA contract for continued research, development and maturation of the company’s first-of-its-kind intelligent power management platform.
  • Epirus and UCLA will collaborate to develop the “world’s best general purpose analog correlator” as part of the DARPA MAX program.  

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MAY 8, 2023 – Epirus, a high-growth technology company developing breakthrough power management solutions, has been selected for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Massive Cross-Correlation (MAX) program. Epirus and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) will collaborate on up to four project phases, worth a total of $5.3 million.  

Epirus and UCLA will work to develop highly scalable analog circuit techniques, resulting in paradigm shifting levels of power efficiency and speed. This power efficiency will, in turn, enable a reduction in form factor that will allow embedding of high-speed correlators in a range of platforms and applications that cannot support the power requirements of current state-of-the-art devices. The project’s technology outcomes will also enable passive sensing, new radar modes such as real-time synthetic aperture radar, imaging and jam-resistant radar and communications applications in a cutting-edge form factor with low size, weight and power requirements.

“We’re pleased to deepen our partnership with DARPA as we begin our efforts to develop the world’s best general purpose analog correlator to enable new capabilities for U.S. and allied militaries,” said Ken Bedingfield, Chief Executive Officer, Epirus. “Today’s announcement will spur new opportunities for our intelligent power management architecture that holds the potential to reshape power management as we know it.”  

In December 2021, DARPA awarded Epirus a multi-million-dollar contract as part of the WARDEN RANGER program to accelerate the advancement of Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency capabilities. The company is also under contract with DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) to develop distributed processing of phased arrays with the goal of significantly reducing computational complexity and required processing rates in order to deal with large and flexible phased array antenna systems.

The company’s collaboration with DARPA on these three projects will propel the continued research, development and maturation of Epirus’ waveform optimization and power efficiency technologies for high-power microwave systems.  

By gating energy at the sub-microsecond level, Epirus’ intelligent power management platform optimizes performance to achieve significantly greater efficiency or higher power output, depending on the application area. In addition to powering Epirus’ Leonidas suite of high-power microwave systems, the platform holds significant opportunities to transform a spectrum of sectors – from power and energy to communications and security – by limiting energy waste and protecting our world’s most critical resource.

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Epirus is a technology company developing solid-state, software-defined directed energy systems that enable unprecedented counter-electronics effects and power management solutions to optimize power efficiency in defense and commercial applications. With a constant emphasis on innovation, we are redefining the future of power to bring tomorrow’s capabilities to life, today. And that’s just the beginning. Visit our website to learn more about our innovative approach and cutting-edge product lines. For more information on Epirus’ solutions or to request an interview with subject matter experts, please contact media@epirusinc.com. High-resolution assets can be downloaded here.

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